Atlantic Biotech is a urine drug test laboratory located in South Florida. Our clients are primarily drug rehabilitation and pain management facilities along with physician practices and clinics. These clients require a clinical laboratory to test collected patient urine samples to determine the presence or absence of a vast array of targeted drugs. Utilizing Agilent Jet Stream Technology, Atlantic Biotech dramatically increases sensitivity for a wide range of demanding trace level quantitative applications.


With the increasing number of pain clinics and drug & alcohol rehabilitation facilities opening here in Florida, the need for rapid turn-around urine toxicology results is clear. Today, LC/MS/MS is the preferred method of analysis for forensic toxicology. It is preferred over traditional analysis techniques – both qualitative and quantitative, providing better sensitivity in less time.


Utilizing the latest in LC/MS/MS technology with highly skilled personnel, Atlantic Biotech offers a better solution to the existing competition:

  • Latest LC/MS/MS machines alongside Aglient’s RapidFire technology make for a more robust, faster turn-around and more cost-effective solution.
  • Working with the manufacturer and other facilities means we can help test for the latest in illicit drugs.
  • A local laboratory means faster collection and delivery to the lab, which in turn, helps turn-around time.
  • Highly skilled and licensed personnel with a vast array of experience
  • Development of automated solutions to deliver your results faster and more intuitively.


All these help ensure your samples are processed quickly and correctly the first time. However, as an Atlantic Toxicology partner, you can expect:

  • Comprehensive and customizable testing panels
  • Rapid turnaround
  • Customized, simple and easy to read reports
  • In-house confirmations utilizing the latest
  • LC/MS/MS equipment
  • In-house pathologist to verify testing
  • World class customer service